Sunday, 21 April 2013

Design Theory- Art Deco Patterning

For a design theory module at university, I have been set an assignment which requires me to create 2 different tiling patterns for a use of my choice.  Being a fashion student the obvious choice for me was a dress.

I had to produce patterns that were "each created from tiling elements cut or drawn from a regular polygon (six designs from elements of a square and six designs from elements of either an equilateral triangle or a hexagon). "   The shapes had to be arranged without gap or overlap, which is much harder than it sounds!  After some time of playing around with the shapes, I started creating patterns 

I wanted my tilings to be inspired by the art deco era, a very classic geometric period from the 21st century.  Mostly influenced by wallpaper and architecture of the time I feel my results have been successful and represent the era nicely!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fashion Faux Pas of the day... the England Rugby kit?

As we know the rugby world cup is coming upon us later in 2013, and the team kit has just been revealed!  Designed by Canterbury, the new kit is very modern and has a strong designer feel behind it.    Pixelated triangles that make up the national emblem of English rugby, the Rose has been zoomed in by the power of 10 to create a pattern that will be used on the women's and men's sevens teams (, 2013)

I can't personally say that I like the kit.  As a fan of all things British, I did like the simple white and red kit that represented tradition of our country, however ever keeping up and getting ahead, this kit does add a different flare not seen so far in the world of rugby.  Reflecting the fluidity and speed of the game, the kit has obviously been carefully thought about and is a significant improvement in my opinion on 'tequila sunrise', a bright orange kit previously used that doesn't seem to represent England in any way!  
Fashion does seem to be everywhere nowadays, and although I am a lover of the industry- maybe this is taking it a bit far- do spectators of the sport or even the players want to see/be seen in a whole lot of coloured triangles- which I couldn't actually make out to picture anything until I read about the rose.

Maybe these patterns should be left to the catwalks?

For more information look at:

(, 2013, 

England's new rugby sevens kit: Bold, brilliant or a fashion disaster?

[online] Available at: where all facts from this page were retrieved from. [Accessed on: 11/04/2013])

Monday, 8 April 2013

Designer of the Day- Titania Inglis

For my latest design project, Fashion Futures and the concept of 'Slow Fashion' is the main topic of consideration.

Having thoroughly enjoyed researching the topic, my final concept considers adaptable staple garments which can be altered to suit day/night and/or seasons.  

Considering my concept I have decided to design for fashion brand Titania Inglis. 
Recently presented with the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design, Titania Inglis garments are all sewn in New York using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather 
Her garments are ‘striking, yet wearable’, and have a ‘lush minimalism’ aesthetic.  She designs so that small alterations can be made to the garments by the wearer.  For example, one can alter hem lengths and reverse garments; to can change a garments suitability for day to night or through all seasons.
The typical Titania Inglis style takes the traditional ground in terms of local manufacture and uses sustainable textiles which she then takes into the future, which results in garments that look much a part of 21st century fashion, yet consider the environment.

I really wanted to produce a collection that is not only produced using sustainable materials, but also that means that the garments can be used over a long period of time.  By reinventing staple garments that can be adapted, the consumer needs very few garments in their wardrobe, so many different looks can still be created to suit many occasions. I feel Titania Inglis represents similar ideals to my concept and I believe I can produce a range of garments that fit with the Titania Inglis style.

Besides the sustainable aspects who would have thought that all these environmental  considerations could still result in high fashion? I  love the effortless elegance her garments ooze!  The geometry of the pieces along with a very neutral colour palette create a fresh modern collection which I would be very happy to see in my wardrobe 

Titania Inglis looks like it really is the future of fashion, and I designers should watch out as this innovative eco-concious designer rises within the industry.

Here are some pieces from the latest S/S 2013 collection

(See for more!)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Must Visit Shopping Centre- Antwerp

Having visited Antwerp in Belgium over Easter, I have to say that I visited one of the grandest shopping centres I have ever been in!

A fire in 2000 resulted in the hall originally used for exhibitions and events burn down to its skeleton.  The Stadsfeestzaal was rebuilt over 7 years exactly to the same specifications as before, due to its listed property status.  The centre was reopened in 2007.

Although the shops are few, the hall lies on the main high street in Antwerp, and contains a main must-visit attraction- the circular Laurent Perrier champagne bar which sits high above the ground on a large stem creating what appears to be a giant champagne glass, and delivering a panoramic view of the hall.

A view from outside

champagne bar

Ornate decoration sets this centre apart from most

Designer of the Day- Sophie Dahl?

As a celebration of Brora's 20th anniversary, Sophie Dahl has joined the celeb-turned-designer club and designed "The Lost Weekend" collection, inspired by the morning after the night before...
  Grandchild of author Roald Dahl, Sophie had Summer and festivals in mind whilst designing which is reflected in the feminine British garments that are available in store from April 15.

The casual collection is very wearable and contains some very understand yet gorgeous vintage-inspired prints and colours.  It's nice to see a non-regular designer think about details that don't just follow all the latest garments on the high-street.  She has obviously considered each piece carefully, and as a result has created a collection i'm sure will be very successful.

Here are some of the pieces which are available online now.  See  for more info.

I would love some comments on your opinions on the collection!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Collaboration- Levis meet Liberty

As a fan of both Liberty and Levi, I was ecstatic to hear the iconic brands were creating a line of jackets, jeans and bags that are going to hit the high street in April.  According to Melby (2013) the line will consist of 15 designs that combine Levi denim with both a gorgeous classic liberty floral print as well as a new, exlusive liberty pattern which has been laser printed right onto the denim.
Classics on either side of the Atlantic, Liberty and Levi seem to be a perfect match, and although some of the pieces (such as these jeans shown below) where the liberty print seems to be slightly of an after thought, the collection works well and should be a great success.
Perfect for the (hopefully) up and coming summer, the pieces can be worn as a part of the co-ordinating trend or as very casual separates.

The high waisted style, alongside the single panel on these shorts are very on trend.  
Too much pattern?  There is also another pair very similar, which has no floral panel but instead pockets in the vintage inspired floral pattern that poke out of the bottom of the shorts (shown below)

These shorts have the unique laser printed pattern subtly added to the surface of the denim- adds a very unsualy aesthetic to an otherwise simple yet classic pair of Levi shorts

Ranging from around £60-£100 I am sure to head to the shops to nab myself at least one of the pieces!

What do you think of the collection??

(Melby, L., 2013, Levis Meet Liberty, [online] Available at: [Accessed on 3/04/2013])

Designer Of The Day- Karen Walker

Karen Walker is one of very few designers to make it big internationally from her homeland of New Zealand.  Known hugely over there she is famous for her beautiful jewellery and sunglasses, as well as her NYFW shown collections.  Having also recently collaborated with Anthropologie with a collection called 'Hi There' (look it up!), the Karen Walker brand is becoming increasingly known for all the right reasons. 
Here are some pieces from the latest collections...
What I love about Karen Walker clothing is the effortlessness.  Alongside detailing that makes the garments different yet so wearable, the garments are often understated yet feminine and elegant.  

I have to admit I am in love with this ring...  at only $149 NZ dollars (about £75 sterling) this versitile sterling silver ring is suitable for day and night.  Along with a large range of flowery jewellery including bangles, earrings and necklaces I would be very tempted to buy the whole selection- in gold as well!
a very quirky feel is created using slightly older than typical- yet glamorous models (here we see 80 year old Lynn Dell) who show they can still dress at the height of fashion wearing heavy jewellery and bright lips alongside their some may say 'youthful' sunglasses

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Purchases that will keep you going through the Rain ready for the Sun

Never mind the double-dip recession, it seems as if we are getting a double-dip winter.  Looking around the high street shops optimism of Summer is presented in the form of crochet dresses, dungaree shorts and strappy, cropped singlets.  A lover of the gorgeous summer clothing that is now making its way onto the shelf, I can't help but think that for the time being only those branching out of the 16-20 degree Celsius Europe for more exotic lands will see the practicality of these garments... 
Who knows how long the rain, snow and cold is going to stick around for so here are a few of my favourite trendy pieces new in the shops that will move you from winter to spring in a flash.

Topshop, £75
Buy here
With its oversized shape and lightweight yet quality fabric, this £75 Topshop trench takes a twist on the classic.  Teamed with a knit or a Tee, tights/no tights this jacket will get you through to Summer and even to Autumn... 
Whistles, £350
Buy here
At the pricier end, this Whistles leather dress creates an effortless yet gorgeous, right on trend look.  Teamed with either black boots or pumps, this dress can be both suitable for not only night/day wear but also winter/spring wear!  Do what Whistles suggest on their website and team with some simple black accessories for a finished look.
Zara, £39.99
Buy here
Embrace a bit of colour with this top from Zara.  Made from a thicker jacquard cotton the loose fit is again right on trend, whilst the pattern will ease you into spring.  Hurry to buy this one, Zara live up to their 'fast fashion' name!

Urban Outfitters, £30
Buy here
For a much more casual look, this tile print skater skirt could potentially get you through any season.  So versatile and only at £30, this skirt can once again be dressed up with a shirt and heels, down with pumps and a vest, made warmer with a quality knit and tights or made ready for spring with bare legs and buckled heels or pumps.

At the moment transeasonal fashion is what it's about.  Besides these few garments...
1. figure out layering- use those thinner layers for an interesting look that can replace the thick winter jacket.  
2. add some brighter colours to warm up the wardrobe- the 90's are back upon us in terms of fashion so brave it by adding a bit of neon and you will be right on trend.  
3. Find a loose printed silk shirts will also 'spring-up' the winter wardrobe- adding the light, floaty aspect especially in a geometric print will bring a classic springtime look to 2013.