Monday, 8 April 2013

Designer of the Day- Titania Inglis

For my latest design project, Fashion Futures and the concept of 'Slow Fashion' is the main topic of consideration.

Having thoroughly enjoyed researching the topic, my final concept considers adaptable staple garments which can be altered to suit day/night and/or seasons.  

Considering my concept I have decided to design for fashion brand Titania Inglis. 
Recently presented with the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design, Titania Inglis garments are all sewn in New York using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather 
Her garments are ‘striking, yet wearable’, and have a ‘lush minimalism’ aesthetic.  She designs so that small alterations can be made to the garments by the wearer.  For example, one can alter hem lengths and reverse garments; to can change a garments suitability for day to night or through all seasons.
The typical Titania Inglis style takes the traditional ground in terms of local manufacture and uses sustainable textiles which she then takes into the future, which results in garments that look much a part of 21st century fashion, yet consider the environment.

I really wanted to produce a collection that is not only produced using sustainable materials, but also that means that the garments can be used over a long period of time.  By reinventing staple garments that can be adapted, the consumer needs very few garments in their wardrobe, so many different looks can still be created to suit many occasions. I feel Titania Inglis represents similar ideals to my concept and I believe I can produce a range of garments that fit with the Titania Inglis style.

Besides the sustainable aspects who would have thought that all these environmental  considerations could still result in high fashion? I  love the effortless elegance her garments ooze!  The geometry of the pieces along with a very neutral colour palette create a fresh modern collection which I would be very happy to see in my wardrobe 

Titania Inglis looks like it really is the future of fashion, and I designers should watch out as this innovative eco-concious designer rises within the industry.

Here are some pieces from the latest S/S 2013 collection

(See for more!)

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