Friday, 5 April 2013

Designer of the Day- Sophie Dahl?

As a celebration of Brora's 20th anniversary, Sophie Dahl has joined the celeb-turned-designer club and designed "The Lost Weekend" collection, inspired by the morning after the night before...
  Grandchild of author Roald Dahl, Sophie had Summer and festivals in mind whilst designing which is reflected in the feminine British garments that are available in store from April 15.

The casual collection is very wearable and contains some very understand yet gorgeous vintage-inspired prints and colours.  It's nice to see a non-regular designer think about details that don't just follow all the latest garments on the high-street.  She has obviously considered each piece carefully, and as a result has created a collection i'm sure will be very successful.

Here are some of the pieces which are available online now.  See  for more info.

I would love some comments on your opinions on the collection!

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