Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Designer Of The Day- Karen Walker

Karen Walker is one of very few designers to make it big internationally from her homeland of New Zealand.  Known hugely over there she is famous for her beautiful jewellery and sunglasses, as well as her NYFW shown collections.  Having also recently collaborated with Anthropologie with a collection called 'Hi There' (look it up!), the Karen Walker brand is becoming increasingly known for all the right reasons. 
Here are some pieces from the latest collections...
What I love about Karen Walker clothing is the effortlessness.  Alongside detailing that makes the garments different yet so wearable, the garments are often understated yet feminine and elegant.  

I have to admit I am in love with this ring...  at only $149 NZ dollars (about £75 sterling) this versitile sterling silver ring is suitable for day and night.  Along with a large range of flowery jewellery including bangles, earrings and necklaces I would be very tempted to buy the whole selection- in gold as well!
a very quirky feel is created using slightly older than typical- yet glamorous models (here we see 80 year old Lynn Dell) who show they can still dress at the height of fashion wearing heavy jewellery and bright lips alongside their some may say 'youthful' sunglasses

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