Sunday, 21 April 2013

Design Theory- Art Deco Patterning

For a design theory module at university, I have been set an assignment which requires me to create 2 different tiling patterns for a use of my choice.  Being a fashion student the obvious choice for me was a dress.

I had to produce patterns that were "each created from tiling elements cut or drawn from a regular polygon (six designs from elements of a square and six designs from elements of either an equilateral triangle or a hexagon). "   The shapes had to be arranged without gap or overlap, which is much harder than it sounds!  After some time of playing around with the shapes, I started creating patterns 

I wanted my tilings to be inspired by the art deco era, a very classic geometric period from the 21st century.  Mostly influenced by wallpaper and architecture of the time I feel my results have been successful and represent the era nicely!

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