Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fashion Faux Pas of the day... the England Rugby kit?

As we know the rugby world cup is coming upon us later in 2013, and the team kit has just been revealed!  Designed by Canterbury, the new kit is very modern and has a strong designer feel behind it.    Pixelated triangles that make up the national emblem of English rugby, the Rose has been zoomed in by the power of 10 to create a pattern that will be used on the women's and men's sevens teams (, 2013)

I can't personally say that I like the kit.  As a fan of all things British, I did like the simple white and red kit that represented tradition of our country, however ever keeping up and getting ahead, this kit does add a different flare not seen so far in the world of rugby.  Reflecting the fluidity and speed of the game, the kit has obviously been carefully thought about and is a significant improvement in my opinion on 'tequila sunrise', a bright orange kit previously used that doesn't seem to represent England in any way!  
Fashion does seem to be everywhere nowadays, and although I am a lover of the industry- maybe this is taking it a bit far- do spectators of the sport or even the players want to see/be seen in a whole lot of coloured triangles- which I couldn't actually make out to picture anything until I read about the rose.

Maybe these patterns should be left to the catwalks?

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