Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Collaboration- Levis meet Liberty

As a fan of both Liberty and Levi, I was ecstatic to hear the iconic brands were creating a line of jackets, jeans and bags that are going to hit the high street in April.  According to Melby (2013) the line will consist of 15 designs that combine Levi denim with both a gorgeous classic liberty floral print as well as a new, exlusive liberty pattern which has been laser printed right onto the denim.
Classics on either side of the Atlantic, Liberty and Levi seem to be a perfect match, and although some of the pieces (such as these jeans shown below) where the liberty print seems to be slightly of an after thought, the collection works well and should be a great success.
Perfect for the (hopefully) up and coming summer, the pieces can be worn as a part of the co-ordinating trend or as very casual separates.

The high waisted style, alongside the single panel on these shorts are very on trend.  
Too much pattern?  There is also another pair very similar, which has no floral panel but instead pockets in the vintage inspired floral pattern that poke out of the bottom of the shorts (shown below)

These shorts have the unique laser printed pattern subtly added to the surface of the denim- adds a very unsualy aesthetic to an otherwise simple yet classic pair of Levi shorts

Ranging from around £60-£100 I am sure to head to the shops to nab myself at least one of the pieces!

What do you think of the collection??

(Melby, L., 2013, Levis Meet Liberty, [online] Available at: [Accessed on 3/04/2013])

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